The One Group is looking for strategic business alliances to address the amazing set of business opportunities here. The alliance could be for a product, or a service, or even for operating a facility. The HUB shall ensure cross pollination amongst the various facilities available there.

The HUB can generate economies of scale that will enable the participating companies to marshal a broad set of resources and achieve the critical mass needed for success. Companies with complementary skills can rely on each other's proven expertise instead of spending time and resources to independently develop facilities that are already available.

Almost all businesses require expertise from different fields. Traditionally, companies have tried to develop or maintain all the required skills in-house. However, as technological and administrative complexity increases, companies are learning that they cannot do everything by themselves. Lets cross build with each other for minimising costs and maximising returns.

Creating a meaningful Alliance with THE ONE GROUP
for Sales, Marketing or Distribution
will also help in overcoming entry barriers and competition.
A well-conceived alliance can mean a head start in a virgin market.

Partnering Models for Success

As an Operating Partner - you can select which of the HUB facilities you would like to operate.

Apart from The One Group branding and the footfalls that The HUB would attract, we provide you with the space and the facilities at the HUB while you invest in the interiors and operations.

We work on a revenue share model.

The currently available facilities are the Restaurants, Cafe's, Health & Wellness Centre.

As a Business Partner - you work with The One Group in managing various services that we are offering to the residential & commercial establishments.

We provide you with the space and the facilities at The HUB while you manage the provision of these services.

We work on a revenue share model.

The currently offered services are Manpower & Training, Facility Management, Business Services, Travel Services, Financial Services.

To ensure that we address a majority of retail requirements without competing but rather complementing each other the Retail Outlets at The HUB have been organised in 4 sections.

These are Eateries, Home Shopping, Electronics and Office Supplies, and Commercial Services. As the Retail Partner - you can rent one or more retail outlets at the HUB.

You can also optionally participate in the common promotional campaigns & events at The HUB.

The One Group has made an early stage entry into this township and have already procured land for the setting up of The HUB. While The HUB itself is in Design Stage with construction due to start shortly - we have already started our operations related to the various services that we are offering here.

With the raising of an entire township - there are very many commercial options that are available. We also need to be nimble on our feet and be able to take advantage of being the early birds. With a timeline of 12 months to establish the business - we have already hit the deck running. We also need to be willing to grow and expand. Fast.

Investments in a virgin market is unlike investing in an existing business. This requires the ability to analyse and foresee the upcoming opportunities and a firm belief in the potential for success. We are open to having Investment Partners who are able to visualise a township where none exists today. The ability to visualise the needs of the industries coming here. And the needs of the people who would be working here.

Investing with The One Group has many benefits. Not only do you get a steady return on your investment, you also get a share of the profits of the group. Also - since our activities here are broad based - the risks of failure are negligible. All of our verticals are related to each other enabling us to create a far greater engagement with our customers than what a single business can do.

If you are looking for Small Investments or Big - we respect and value them all. So do give us a call. We would love to meet with you in person and share our short and long term vision with you.

If you are a budding entrepreneur with a sound business idea
or are looking at expanding your business by venturing into an upcoming township
an association with THE ONE GROUP may be just what you need!