To deliver the best quality of services we work with Service Partners who have an excellent track record and experience backed by customer testimonials. Our team of passionate partners go beyond being traditional advisors and aggregators of past knowledge. They view each business challenges differently and reimagine solutions leveraging design thinking; combine new and existing technologies to transcend the limitations of traditional solutions and accelerate the response time as well as delivery efficiency.

Our team has successfully defined, designed and delivered business value to customers across industries such as financial services, insurance, retail, CPG, logistics, healthcare, life sciences, energy, utilities, manufacturing, telecommunications and services such as airlines and hospitality in many markets.

The Services currently offered by us have been carefully identified looking at the short and long term requirements of the various manufacturing facilities that are coming up here and also caters to the ancillary service providers who are playing a key role in developing this township.



It is great pleasure to introduce ABODE ONE - our range of premium guesthouses which are being set-up in response to the ever-growing demand for quality accommodation in the near to center of city. The Guest Houses have all the facilities required by professionals and international travelers, with a particular reference to security. We provide you with finest and well-resourced luxury guesthouses inside Penukonda town at a reasonable rate for short/long term stay.

The well-trained and courteous staff will make your stay truly comfortable. We provide Wi-Fi in public areas, restaurant, / coffee shop, laundry service to ensure our guests the greatest comfort. All the rooms have attached baths, television and a workstation. A stand-by generator ensures an UN-interrupted supply of electricity.

The Guest Houses have an in-house dining facility that serves you fresh breakfast and hot lunch and dinner as well. Special arrangements are available for bulk catering for your guests. Our security arrangements include 24hrs guards, security cameras.

Our front Desk can also assist you with any special requirements Like Air Tickets, Rent a Car, city tours, etc. during your stay with us.

All properties are leased from the original owners and are operated by us to ensure you get the same class of service across all our properties. Each property is carefully planned and designed to provide a homely and budget-friendly stay.

All Guesthouses are located in and around the Penukonda town and are pre-provisioned with basic amenities to enable a comfortable stay, quick meals and travel services.

Facilities Available

  • Running Hot & cold water
  • Treated and purified drinking water.
  • Access to our upcoming Health Centre
  • Travel desk facilities
  • Satellite channels
  • Daily House keeping
  • Restaurant / Cafe
  • Credit card accepted
  • 24 hrs front desk service


Our chain of Restaurants - called DINER ONE are located at various places within the Township. Some of these are speciality Restaurants whereas some would be catering to multiple cuisines such as North Indian, South Indian, Awadhi, Chinese, Continental, etc.

All food is prepared at our central Base Kitchen by our Chefs who ensure uncompromising Quality and Consistency acrcoss dishes.

Our Restaurants offer contemporary casual dining experience and are a place for more than just good food. The simple yet stimulating atmosphere with lot of open spaces, with quirky walls and roof top, along with the best world food on your plate, makes them perfect for your conversations, cozying ups, work unwinds, fun with friends and family.

Some of our Speciality Restaurants include the DOSAI PLAZA that serves a large variety of Dosas exquisitely created for your taste buds, the BIRYANI HOUSE which offers the a wide range of Biryanis and sizzling Kebabs and Rolls, DAAWAT - which shall serve authentic North Indian Cuisine. We shall be extending the DINER ONE chain with a few more restaurants over the next few months.


The CAFE ONE chain is determined to become a daily necessity for local coffee addicts, a place to dream of as you try to escape the daily stresses of life and just a comfortable place to meet your friends or to read a book, all in one. With the growing demand for high-quality coffee and great service, CAFE ONE's will capitalize on its first mover advantage and the locations of its outlets in the upcoming township to build a core group of repeat customers. CAFE ONE's will offer its customers the best prepared coffee in the area that will be complimented with Pizzas, Pastas, Burgers, Sandwiches, Kebabs and other quick bites.

Our first Cafe - The Rooftop Cafe within Penukonda town is already up and running. Tucked away in one of the bylanes near the entrance to the Penukonda town, it has already become the favourite with the young crow and we are already very upbeat with the response that the Cafe is getting from its daily patrons. The Rooftop Cafe is operating from a 1200 square foot space and has a 24 cover seating with its own cooking counter and has a separate games section.

More such Cafes are planned and would be sprouting up across the Township.

CAFE ONE's will offer its customers the best tasting coffee beverages in the area. This will be achieved by using high-quality ingredients and strictly following preparation guidelines. The store layout, menu listings and marketing activities will be focused on maximizing the sales thru acquiring new customers and retaining the regular ones.

Along with the espresso drinks, brewed coffee and teas, as well as some refreshment beverages, will also be sold in the coffee bar. CAFE ONE's will also offer its clients pastries, small salads and sandwiches.

CAFE ONE's will position itself as unique coffee bar where its patrons can not only enjoy a cup of perfectly brewed coffee but also spend their time in an ambient environment. Comfortable sofas and chairs, dimmed light and quiet relaxing music will help the customers to relax from the daily stresses and will differentiate CAFE ONE's from incumbent competitors.


HEALTH ONE is our effort to provide emergency Healthcare service to the residents and visitors to the township.

Our experienced medical team and quality services ensure that you will receive the finest in health care and preventative services. As providers and believers in wellness; we are here to help you maintain a healthy work force, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and in turn reduce medical costs.

We value your time, as a small specialty Occupational Healthcare practice, we are flexible with scheduling and are able to provide early morning or late afternoon appointments. In addition to the services available at our office, we offer a number of on-site services and van service available to transport injured workers, physical therapy patients, pre-employment physicals, etc.

We work for you, so your employees can work. No matter what type of health services your company or organization needs, it is available from HEALTH ONE.

Headed by a well qualified Medical Director, the Health centre would not only offer Primary Healthcare Facilities, but also be equipped with a Triage, an Emergency Treatment Centre, and Tele Medicine. For extreme cases - it has an association with hospitals in Hyderabad / Bangalore to ensure that a critical patient is quickly shifter there by Ambulance for further treatment.

Powered by the PAY ONE card, we would also be able to offer Emergency Response Service with a fully equipped medical team on standby which would be ready to rush to the aid of an accident victim.

HEALTH ONE provides a comprehensive, cost-effective approach to Occupational Healthcare services. These include:

  • Provision of medical care
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Education about health
  • Health programmes, as relevant
  • Referral services
  • Basic laboratory services
  • Tele Medicine for Consultation with Experts
  • Associated with the Fitness Centre for Recovery Programs
  • Ambulance Service
  • Training of health guides, health workers, local dais and health assistants
  • Prevention and control of locally endemic diseases
  • Collection and reporting of vital statistics
  • Managing Health Records

For Organisations we offer the following dedicated services:

  • Pre-employment Physicals
  • Executive Physicals
  • Annual Physicals
  • Return to Work Physicals
  • Termination Physicals
  • Value Health Assessment Exams


We believe a healthy body starts on the inside, with results reflected on the outside. This is the underlying method for our approach when developing our wellness programs and fitness centers. FITNESS ONE teams are trusted professionals who share a passion for improving the health of our clients and their members.

We are here to give you a competitive advantage, maximize your investment, create change and inspire an environment that encourages healthy, active lifestyles. Let us work with you and you will discover how our passion, our commitment, and our unique team approach provides wellness and fitness solutions that bring out your organization's best.

We provide innovative fitness center management, wellness programming, facility design and equipment procurement services and consulting services.

At FITNESS ONE, we believe in creating an environment that inspires everyone to champion their own wellbeing. We provide high-quality corporate health and wellness solutions tailored to your needs and your culture. See how we are leading a health revolution that moves everybody in your organization!

Services Offered:

  • Daily Operations, Policies, and Procedures
  • Facility and Equipment Cleanliness and Preventive Maintenance
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Participant Satisfaction Analysis and Reporting
  • Market Demand and Interest Surveys

Engaging Programs and Services:

A successful fitness center is more than the facility itself. It is about having an exciting blend of services and a team of professionals to inspire participation in healthy, active behaviors. We know how to develop and implement innovative programs and services to keep your organization engaged:

  • Membership Recruitment, Enrollment and Retention
  • Individual Fitness Consultation and Supervision
  • Motivational Incentive Programs and Special Events
  • Group Exercise Program
  • Team Based Activities
  • Interest Groups
  • Community Outreach Programs


A Private Membership Club with an Exclusive Private Atmosphere subdued Social Action encouraging Business Community Engagements

THE ONE CLUB addresses the continued demand for a members club that combines the age-old desire for exclusivity with a more relaxed atmosphere tailored to contemporary lifestyles.

Membership at THE ONE CLUB is prestigious and has many more benefits and creates opportunities for its Members beyond just being a great place to hang out. THE ONE CLUB is a unique meeting place with an emphasis on fellowship.

It builds its success as a leading and progressive club, catering to the professional and social interests of Members and guests. The Club is continually progressive in its membership profile and demographics with equality and diversity of cultures key points of difference.

The Club is ideally for the young executive membership consisting of the aspiring and inspiring leaders of tomorrow.


The idea behind THE ONE CLUB is to create a better way to do business and to fill the gap between a co-working space or serviced office and meeting in hotel lobbies, members clubs or coffee shops. THE ONE CLUB is poised to be the leading Business Members club, offering innovative, design led flexible meeting and workspaces.

Designed to meet the requirements of growing businesses of all shapes and sizes, THE ONE CLUB provides a luxurious, professional space with complimentary WiFi, refreshments, tea, coffee and a dedicated team on hand to attend to your every need. Whether you require a spot to touchdown at between meetings, or perhaps one of your team needs a more regular desk from which to work, The Clubhouse offers a selection of hot desk and dedicated desk options to suit your growing team.

The Clubhouse is where business gets done and professional relationships grow and flourish. Providing interactive, collaborative and productive spaces in desirable locations, THE ONE CLUB is designed to help startups, SME's and global organisations continue to grow.

At THE ONE CLUB our aim is simple: to make our members and their businesses more successful.



Perhaps the best opportunity and the motivation behind members joining THE ONE CLUB are the networking opportunities. Networking is a crucial part of success in the business world, interacting and engaging with like-minded people who are looking for mutually beneficial relationships, can be the key to growing a successful business. After all it's not what you know, it's often who you know and private business clubs are renowned for being home to the movers and shakers of the business world.

THE ONE CLUB will be home to many of the Township's business elite, yet also have overseas members, giving you the ability to vastly expand your network and create relationships with business people outside of your immediate circle. Members will find that the relationships they form with fellow experts and other professionals, often result in contacts that last a lifetime. Networking can accelerate and sustain your business growth and development. The relationships forged within a business club not only can last a life time, but can reap benefits in every aspect of life, not just business and careers.

THE ONE CLUB provides the best environment to develop and foster these new and long term relationships.


The Members-Only dining room shall be open for lunch and dinner five days a week and provides the opportunity to dine with peers in a sophisticated environment tasting world class cuisine. If you're looking for a more secluded environment - there are private dining rooms available for exclusive meetings and functions.


Another benefit to membership at THE ONE CLUB are the special interest groups. Not only do we provide members with a luxurious environment to enjoy their interests with like-minded people, w also give the opportunity for members to expand their network in a more casual environment.


Memberships to THE ONE CLUB are only by Invite or thru Members reference. The criteria for joining are well defined and Applications are approved only after careful vetting of the credentials of the applicant. This is to ensure that you get to associate and network with the best in the Business Community.


THE ONE CLUB also has a calendar of events and entertainments lined up. Access to these is restricted only to the Members and their Guests.


We understand the need to have private conversations. Business deals and negotiations are best done in the privacy of your own space. THE ONE CLUB also offers private dining spaces where you can conduct your business discussions without disturbances.


THE ONE CLUB shall have its own well equipped Fitness Centre managed by qualified trainers. You can follow a strict fitness regimen or come for an occasional session. The Fitness Centre is exclusively for use of the Members.


THE ONE CLUB would have a few Guest Rooms available to its members. These can be booked for short stays subject to their availability.

All in all - THE ONE CLUB promises to be the EXCLUSIVE BUSINESS CLUB that you just cannot afford to miss being a part of. Do connect with us for Membership Applications and Details.


KITCHEN ONE works closely with Corporate Houses to bring innovation and passion to mealtime merriment. Besides, it's a proven fact that happy, healthy and easily accessible meals enhance productivity. KITCHEN ONE consistently delivers forward-thinking solutions and we help you understand how food can be positioned as an important Employee Value Proposition.

In today's fast-moving world, when breakfast has become a rarity, we recognize the value of a wholesome lunch that could fuel a day of productivity. Leveraging our expertise and our commitment give you the best, our culinary offer seeks to make a difference in the way employees picture their lunch breaks. In short, we help create a memorable meal, punctuated by great conversations, that leaves an impression.

Our long-lasting customer relationships, our innovative mindset, and our will to create a balanced and constantly evolving cuisine set KITCHEN ONE apart.

Food as Employee Value Proposition

When your employees spend quality time at the office - almost building a home away from home, we believe, the food plays a crucial role. With the help of a well-planned and executed meal plan, food becomes a significant factor in attracting and retaining talent. Simultaneously, we cater to the different interests of your employees who come from various states yet keeping an eye on dietary needs. Every dish from KITCHEN ONE is spiced up though the extraordinary touch of our chefs, giving catered food a different twist. Employee happiness creates a great place to work and at KITCHEN ONE, we call this as Employee Value Proposition.

Menu Management

We keep food fatigue at bay! With our choice of regional menus and diverse cuisines, food fatigue is something we consciously tackle at all times. We carefully craft diverse menus that take employee preferences into account. We also have calorie count indicators to keep your intake in check!

Breaking the Monotony

KITCHEN ONE is one step ahead of their competitors in breaking the monotony and delivering unique experiences by way of specially crafted themed events on a continuous basis. Be it an ethnic day or large format Christmas celebrations or even well planned and executed special themed events - we master every touch point creatively and consistently.

On the table, for you.

  • A central base Kitchen - currently setup to handle 1200 covers for every meal
  • Tasty and balanced cuisine crafted by innovative chefs
  • Proven space-planning expertise
  • World-class hygiene standards
  • Locally sourced products and ingredients
  • Best-in-class kitchen equipment
  • Large variety of multi-cuisine options - Chef-led model


The centerpiece of any function is the food. KITCHEN ONE will help your meeting set new standards of excellence. From small groups to corporate functions for thousands, we provide complete banquet and catering services.

Choose from an extensive menu of pre-planned delights or one of our limitless themed events. Whatever your needs, we'll work closely with you to plan a menu that will leave your guests beyond satisfied.

An idea for every occasion.

  • Conferences
  • Employee Day
  • Family Day

Discover the finest today!